Millky Way

by Not From This World



Millky Way propose une relecture d'un disque enregistré par un groupe très fameux. Il ne s'agit nullement de reprises, plutôt d'un écho, d'une rêverie... Nous avons analysé scientifiquement chaque morceau de cet album et tenté poétiquement de leur donner une équivalence en langage nftien. Le reflet est parfois très proche, instrumentation et structure identiques, souvent plus diffus, ambiance ou rappel d'éléments, parfois éloigné, point commun conceptuel retraduit a notre façon.

Millky Way propose a re-reading of a recording by a very famous band. It's in no way a question of covers, more like an echo, a reverie... We analysed scientifically each track from this album and made an attempt to translate them poetically in nftw language. The reflect is sometime very close, same instrumentation and structure, often more vague, mood or recall of certain elements, sometime pretty far away, a common conceptual point, expressed in our way.


released May 3, 2010




Not From This World Nantes, France

Evi and Umi met in 2006. Beginning of 2007, they started writing together. The same year, the idea of making music grew. Not From This World was born. The project tells the story of the French duo in the Kingdom of Dreams . Music, videos and texts are strongly tied to form a set in which one can wander like in a maze. Their music is a mixture of experimental, psychedelic and even folk sometimes. ... more

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Track Name: Less

Do we always have to think the end is near
Do we have to feel someone else’s fear
Coming from everywhere this sound into my ear
Everybody wants a piece of now and here

I don’t wanna belong to that old wave anymore
Just a shadow creeping outside my door
I remember times where life was such a bore
Looking for another image in my mirror

Doctor says there is no cure for the ghost train in her mind
Skeletons dance in a place where the devil is so kind
Alarm calls for curfew the hour of search and find
White butterflies of the night nightmares of the blind

We listen to Swedish birds singing in the breeze
Trying to relax before the definitive freeze
When the scarecrow and the crow will have all of this
Do we testify the truth that always less is...
Track Name: Abyssal Fire

Let me be your sister
You’ll be my preacher
An object of desire

Abyssal Fire
Down and down
Take me higher

I’m your slave for ever
I ain’t no liar
Baby doll in barbed wire

Abyssal Fire
Down and down
Take me higher

You can advertise me on a flyer
Do the do the do the player
Let me see your phallus prayer

Abyssal Fire
Down and down
Take me higher
Track Name: We

We will be your pussy
We’re like Tom and Jerry
We wanna eat your cookie
Just a pet in your hi-fi

We love you tenderly
We look like mum and daddy
We suck your soul secretly
Jus a sugar in your daily tea

We name the enemy
We travel through memory
We fly like atomic bee
Just a flower for the free
Track Name: Velvet drawing

We’re living inside a giant dream
We’re running fast to escape reality

All is beauty in our velvet drawing

We’re wearing glasses to believe in lies
We behave like children not to face the truth

All is shinny in our velvet drawing

We fall asleep among sweet dazzling flowers
We smoke and breathe the essence of god

All is love in our velvet drawing
Track Name: Snaky Snare

The battle of the drums
The crashing of symbols
Coming from the wood
With the zombies zoo

Snakey snakey snare
Snakey snakey snare      x 2
Snakey snakey

…and I don’t care

The chant of the bells
Light as a feather
Flying on the air
Inside of your sleep


…crawling out the river

The song of the plane
Bringing fire flowers
In another land
To every mother soul


…come to me if you dare
Track Name: Aleistair

Every boys band in the world wearing t-shirt to his effigy
Every party every partner every part celebrates his trophy
Eating all the spacecakes he’s the ultimate stone to bone deity

Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Alistair is here

He’s the good and evil someone calls him beast 666
Every girl in every street will bend on her knees to suck his dick
Is it NFT pretending having rock’n’roll band alchemy?